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The ins and outs of overpayments

Once you’ve settled into your mortgage and have gotten used to your new outgoings, you may find that you have a bit more disposable cash than you first thought. So the next question is: what should you do with the money?

Remortgaging FAQs

Whether you should remortgage or not will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. If you have found a lower interest rate and it’s financially the better option then it might be more suitable for you to remortgage. You also might want to remortgage for the following reasons:

How to create your dream self-build home

Is it your ultimate dream to one day design and live in a home that you’ve created yourself? But perhaps the thought of going into the unknown is putting you off making it happen? In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the journey of a self-build project…

New rules on borrowing for portfolio buy-to-let investors

From the 30th September this year, landlords with four or more buy-to-let properties will have to satisfy different criteria to secure mortgage borrowing, as they will be considered ‘portfolio investors’ under new rules being introduced by the Prudential Regulation Authority.

10 documents every landlord should have to hand

As a landlord, no matter whether you have one property or a large portfolio, it’s important to keep on top of all the paperwork associated with owning the buy to lets. Here are ten key pieces of documentation you should have up to date and to hand:

Advantages of buying a new build

Just like everyone has their own style when it comes to fashion, it’s the same when it comes to houses. Some people prefer period houses that have character and unique features, whereas others might prefer a new build property with a clean, modern look and feel that you can make your own.

How to renovate a rental property to reduce further maintenance costs

Buying, renovating and potentially furnishing a property is an expensive process and it’s natural to want to keep costs as low as possible, particularly if you are trying to make a limited amount of capital stretch far. However, as legions of landlords before you have learned…

How to downsize – Top tips for empty nesters

Have you been rattling around your big, old house for quite some time now? If so, downsizing might be the right thing to do. A driving force for many to downsize is an empty nest. If the kids have grown up and moved on, having to look after a big, empty house can become a burden.

Help to Buy for Homemovers

Many of you may already be aware of the Help to Buy scheme that was introduced back in 2013 that aims to help those struggling to save money get onto the property ladder, or to move home. However, it’s a myth that all Help to Buy schemes are for first-time buyers only.

How does remortgaging work?

You may well have heard of remortgaging but never fully understood what it means. In layman’s terms, remortgaging is when you look to move from one mortgage deal to another, either sticking with the same lender or moving to a new one. A mortgage is likely to be your largest financial commitment…

How to decide where to live

Choosing where to settle down and call home is one of the biggest decisions to make. You might already know what area you want to live in and it’s just a matter of finding the right house. However, if you’re wanting to relocate to a new area then you have a few more decisions to make.

New HMO rules – 01/10/18

Two new pieces of legislation have come into force on 1st October will affect thousands of HMO landlords* and could result in big fines for those who don’t comply. With the potential to earn higher rental yields and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if one tenant moves out you won’t fall behind with mortgage payments…

What does a mortgage broker do?

Does giving up a day of your time to sit in an office or bank, answering questions and filling out paperwork sound like your idea of fun? No. Ours neither. Most people assume that getting a mortgage means heading straight to your bank. But unfortunately, this can mean missing out on the right deal for your needs.

National Mortgage Index September 2018

“The Bank of England’s decision to raise the bank rate at the start of the month was well signposted, meaning that many lenders had already priced in a 25 basis point rise some months previously and as a result, the cost of borrowing following the announcement was mostly unaffected…

CAPC Attend TAG Conference

CAPC had a fantastic day catching up with accountants we already provide services to and meeting many new brilliant accountants who are looking to build relationships and give their clients the best all round service possible.

5 reasons why you might want to remortgage your home

Very rarely do you take out a mortgage and stick with the same one for the whole term i.e. 30 years until it is paid off and you’re mortgage-free (oh, the dream!). Each household is different and there are various reasons why you might look to remortgage. Perhaps you want to borrow more…

Are you investing or simply keeping your fingers crossed

For many years, it didn’t make a huge amount of difference whether people had an investment plan in place before they bought a property. Until 2004 for some and for others up to the credit crunch, average prices had enjoyed a rapid journey upwards, giving virtually everyone…

Are Student Lets a Good Investment

Although letting to students used to be considered the bottom of the buy to let market, it’s a very different proposition today. That’s because three key shifts have taken place in the market over the last decade: increased health and safety legislation for all rented properties, the expectation of a better standard of living from this generation of students and the growth of institutional investment.

How to save money to buy a house

The upside to saving is not only will you have a sizeable deposit when you come to buy your house, but you will also be able to demonstrate to lenders that you are able to budget and save and are therefore more likely to meet your monthly mortgage repayments.

How to be a successful landlord

Investing in a property is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Many people are tempted down this path as a means of making money, but it’s important to go into this business with your eyes open and not just simply focusing on the financial gains that are associated with it.

Preparing to Move

Moving house should be, and is a very exciting time, but sometimes it can be overshadowed by the stressfulness of the situation and having to organise everything ahead of time. Once you’ve had your offer accepted on your new house, now is the time to start sorting…

5 Mistakes Property Investors Make

Whatever your reason for investing in property, at some point you will want or need to dispose of your property asset/s or pass them on to others to meet your financial goals. The problem is that not enough investors have a clear exit plan from the start; it’s something they will simply ‘figure out when the time comes’.

Have you become an Accidental Landlord?

There are various ways you can wind up being an accidental landlord. This could be due to unfortunate circumstances, such as death, divorce or separation, or you might have met your partner later on in life and are moving to live with them in their property.

Everything You Need To Know About Help to Buy Schemes

Trying to get a foot on the property ladder can be a struggle for many young people. Often with university debt stacked behind you and a low paid, entry level first job, saving enough money to put down a deposit is a common problem.

5 Mistakes Landlords Make

While the quality of landlords and their understanding of the Buy-to-Let market has undoubtedly improved in recent years, there are still some fundamental mistakes that are made – both by those who are new to the business and by landlords who would consider themselves experienced. Here are five of the most common:

House Deposit or Wedding?

Helina McBride (24) is currently studying for a degree in Occupational Therapy and Sean Clarke (29) works in HR for the Ministry of Defence.  The couple has recently bought their first home in Stoke Gifford near Bristol.   They had to make the choice between getting married or getting their foot on the first rung of the property ladder…

6 points to consider when buying alone for the first time

Going through a divorce can be difficult enough without having the added worry of starting afresh and buying a house again on your own. For many, this may be the first time you’ve bought alone, and the whole buying process can be a daunting concept without someone to discuss and share it with.

Is it better to buy and renovate or buy a ready to go let

A big consideration is the amount of capital you have available. Although the price of a property that is in excellent condition and ready to let is likely to be considerably higher than a similar one requiring renovation, you can leverage the purchase via a mortgage.

Divorce: What happens to the family home?

The family home is something special and close to many people’s hearts. A place where memories are made and a place you can always come back to, no matter where life takes you. So when relationships break down and households split, it’s no surprise that there’s a main concern for what will happen to the family home.

A guide to overpayments

The first few months in a new house can sometimes be tough, financially. No doubt you’ve just worked really hard to save enough money to afford to move house or buy for the first time, and now not only are you getting used to your new mortgage repayments and household bills, but you may also need money to redecorate and make the house your own.

How to get a mortgage with bad credit

Understandably, banks and building societies are careful who they lend money to, and financial histories are always looked into, with no exceptions.
Looking into a credit history will show up any defaulted payments and give the lender a good impression of how financially responsible you are with your spending.

7 Tips to improve your credit score

If you were about to lend someone a large amount of money then you’d want to know that they are responsible and capable of paying it back and aren’t hiding anything below the surface, right? That’s why lenders look at credit ratings to help decide whether to a) lend you money b) how much to lend you, and sometimes c) how much interest to charge.

Why switch from renting to owning?

Renting can be a great way to gain your independence. Whether you’re moving out of your family home or moving to a different area, you can experience what it’s like to fend for yourself, such as managing the household bills, cleaning, cooking etc. But if you’ve been renting for a while, you might now want to spread your wings…

First time buyer Stamp Duty rules

For homes that cost £300,000 or less, there is no stamp duty for first-time buyers. That means that for the majority of first-time buyers there will be no stamp duty to pay at all. For first time buyers, buying homes above that threshold, they will only have to pay stamp duty on the value above £300,000…

How to get a mortgage when you’re single

If you’re buying a home on one salary, either as a one income family or as a single applicant you may think your options are limited. Whilst you may need to work harder to get the finances you need in place, with planning preparations you’ll put yourself in the best possible position…

The Bank Of Mum And Dad

With many young people struggling to find the money to put down a cash deposit, it comes as no surprise that the majority are leaning on their parents to help them find the money (AKA the bank of Mum and Dad). If you’ve made plans for your parents to help you financially, then just be aware that there’s a set procedure…

5 Reasons Why Your Mortgage May Have Been Declined

When you apply for your mortgage, your affordability is tested. This includes looking into any current debt you might have, such as car loans etc. If you have a large amount of debt and aren’t showing signs of paying it off, the lender might be dubious about lending to you, as a mortgage will only add to your debt.

What help is available if you’re single and buying a house?

Buying a home is an exciting time but it could be the biggest single investment you ever make. If you are single and buying a home, it might feel like you are making lots of decisions completely on your own.  But don’t lose heart, spending some time researching the schemes…

Nationwide – House Price Index – August 2018

Today’s figures indicate a slight month on month decrease in average price, which one might suggest does highlight the volatility of monthly price movements, as the year on year figure still shows a positive reading very much in line with the annual market forecast issued…

National Mortgage Index – August 2018

Despite one of the best summers we’ve had for over forty years – which in itself has been a pleasant distraction for many – coupled with the start of the school holidays, activity in the UK housing market continued to tick over nicely in July. Transaction levels, as reported by HMRC, although slightly lower than last year…

National – Mortgage Index – July 2018

June appeared to be consistently busy in many regions, with members of the network observing a solid number of buyer enquiries, regardless of the distractions of certain major sporting events and a heatwave. In particular, Yorkshire, Scotland and the Midlands saw a very positive market, with motivated movers at all levels.

Nationwide – House Price Index – July 2018

This morning’s figures indicate a modest level of a month on month growth, which highlights that the delicate balance between stock and supply has been maintained in recent weeks. This would perhaps suggest ongoing buyer confidence and that those who are currently transacting…

Rightmove – House Price Index – July 2018

The monthly Rightmove House Price Index provides us with an up to date ‘litmus test’ of consumer sentiment and activity in terms of the UK property market, rather than historical data using completed transaction figures. This month’s report suggests that asking prices have flattened…

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any debt secured upon it.

A fee of up to 1.5% of the mortgage amount may be charged depending on individual circumstances. A typical fee is 0.67%.

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