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CAPC is a specialist mortgage and protection brokerage providing a tailored advisory service, delivered face-to-face, via telephone or email, depending on your preference. At CAPC we have an experienced team of brokers who are able to review thousands of products, ensuring you get the best possible result.


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What are commercial mortgage brokers?

Commercial mortgage brokers are qualified financial advisors that specialise in commercial mortgages. Their mission is to find a mortgage with terms and rates to suit your budget and requirements.


What is a commercial mortgage?

Typically, a commercial mortgage is a loan procured on a business property. They can be acquired by both individuals and their companies, and to buy the property in addition to developing it. Just like typical mortgages, commercial mortgages can be arranged through various preferences, including fixed and variable rates.


How can a commercial mortgage broker help you?

There are many different factors to consider when getting a commercial mortgage which can easily be missed without the experience of a mortgage advisor.


The advantages of choosing to get advice from CAPC mortgage brokers are as follows:


  1. Our Commercial mortgage brokers are trained, qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of their field. They save you time by comparing the market for you and they can help you with the legal side of purchasing or re-mortgaging a commercial property.


  1. Our brokers are best placed to help you in your mortgage buying decision, we provide you with options based on your specific situation to make sure you don’t end up with an unsuitable mortgage.


  1. It is extremely likely using a commercial mortgage broker will save you money. Our mortgage brokers have access to thousands of lenders rates at our fingertips allowing us to find you the best deals. Generally, the money we save you, outweighs the costs involved.


  1. Our brokers also have access to private banks, allowing us to provide truly Bespoke Arrangements, usually used for large mortgages and tricky situations.


In a nutshell, the commercial mortgage market is getting more complex year on year, commercial mortgage brokers will give you all the information you need to make a confident informed decision that you are getting a great deal that is suitable to your budget and lifestyle, saving you money time and stress in the years to come.

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